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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • door mats, door rug, door runner, doormats, backed mats, carpet, carpet mats, coir door, coir mats, coir outdoor, commercial entrance, commercial mats, custom doormat, custom mats, custom welcome, customized door mats, designer doormats, double door, entrance mats, entrance rug, entry mats, floor mats, front door, front rugs, home mat, indoor door, indoor mats, large coir, logo mats, logo rugs, mat, mat, mat, mat large, mats, mats business, mats decorative, mats outside, mats personalised, mats personalized, mats washable, modern doormats, monogrammed mats, non slip, outdoor door, outdoor doormats, outdoor front, outdoor mats, outdoor rubber, personalized doormats, personalized front, personalized outdoor, printed mats, rubber door, rubber doormat, rubber mats, rugs, welcome mat
    ultra mat, brush mat, power mat, elegant mat, optimum mat, double mat, select mat, mat frame, coco mat, standard coco, luxury coco, flocked coco, classic coco, decorative coco,
    Telephone: +90 212 264 75 22 / +90 212 270 02 75 Address: Oto Sanayi Sitesi, Yesilce Mah. Demirbas Sokak No:17 34418 4.Levent / Istanbul / Turkey
  • sleep textiles, down pillows, feather pillows, pillows, quilts, pads, protectors, mattress pads, bed pads, mattress protectors, bed protectors, sleeping bags, furniture cushions, cushions, lace pillows, coverlets, duvets, down proof pillows, fiber proof pillows, washable pillows, micro-plush pillows, peach effect pillows, organic pillows, aloe vera pillows, sleep pads, sleeping pads, goose feather sleep pads, goose feather sleeping pads, goose feather pillows, goose feather quilts, goose feather duvets, goose father coverlets, organic wool pillows, organic wool quilts, organic wool coverlets, organic wool duvets, sleep textile, down pillow, feather pillow, pillow, quilt, pad, protector, mattress pad, bed pad, mattress protector, bed protector, sleeping bag, furniture cushion, cushion, lace pillow, coverlet, duvet, down proof pillow, fiber proof pillow, washable pillow, micro-plush pillow, peach effect pillow, organic pillow, aloe vera pillow, sleep pad, sleeping pad, goose feather sleep pad, goose feather sleeping pad, goose feather pillow, goose feather quilt, goose feather duvet, goose father coverlet, organic wool pillow, organic wool quilt, organic wool coverlet, organic wool duvet
    Maya Tekstil was founded in 1993 to manufacture sleep products including pillows, quilts, sleep pads and accessories and created the first pillow and quilt brands of the Turkish
    Telephone: 0216 561 20 02  Address: Merve Mah.Necipfazıl Cd.No:12 Sancaktepe, Turkey
  • disposable, disposables, baby products, baby diapers, training pants, baby training pants, baby sweat towels, disposable underpads, underpads, baby pants, incontinence underwears, incontinence underwears for men, incontinence underwears for women, absorbent underwears, protective underwears, washable incontinence underwears, washable baby diapers, washable diapers, diapers, hygienic diapers, hygienic baby diapers, hygienic washable baby diapers, hygienic washable diapers, washable sanitary napki
    2091/5000 Everything changes and develops very quickly. The only thing that does not change is that even 'change' changes with people. Because people are changing. Many senses,
    Telephone: +90 332 342 67 80 Address: Fevziçakmak Mah., Hüda Cad., No: 44/1, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • home textile, home textiles, hotel textile, hotel textiles, linen, linens, blanket, blankets, acrylic raschel blanket, acrylic raschel blankets, acrylic blanket, acrylic blankets, carpet, carpets, rug, rugs, decorative rug, decorative rugs, decorative carpet, decorative carpets, bath mat, non slip, non slip runner, soft touch, washable
    "We are pleased to make you a warm touch and a warm touch with the finest quality fibers for you. We wish you meet our new color and design models and sleep warm."   MINK
    Telephone: +90 332 239 06 06 Address: 3. Organize San. Blg., İhsan Dede Cad., No:3, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • nonwoven, nonwovens, interlinings, consumer wipes, water soluble nonwovens, biodegradable nonwovens, absorbent nonwovens, washable nonwovens, flame retardancy nonwovens, airlaid interlinings, hygienic nonwovens, interlining, consumer wipe, water soluble nonwoven, biodegradable nonwoven, absorbent nonwoven, washable nonwoven, flame retardancy nonwoven, airlaid double-s pattern, airlaid flat pattern, airlaid embroidery interlining, chemicalbond blue, chmbond filter interlining
    As Napal we manufacture and supply nonwoven, nonwovens, interlinings, consumer wipes, water soluble nonwovens, biodegradable nonwovens, absorbent nonwovens, washable nonwovens,
    Telephone: +90 212 736 05 88 Address: Ali Paşa Mah., Trablusgarb Bulv. No: 3, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Dinner Set, Dining Sets, Straws, Glasses, Plates, Confectionery Group, Pasta Dishes, Slice Cake Containers, Great Pasta Dishes, Cheese Dishes, Transport Containers, Halva Containers, Aviation Travel Group, Lunchbox, Snackbox, Dinner Set, Service Cups, Rack Equipment, Washable Sets, Plastic Packaging
    Telephone: ( 90)(212) 876 95 44  Address: Beylikdüzü Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mermerciler Sanayi Sitesi. 1. Bulvar No:2 ist / turkey
  • barcode ribbons, barcode ribbon, duplicator ink, duplo, fax ribbons, fax ribbon, gestetner, resin ribbon, ricoh, riso, spare parts, super resin ribbon, textile resin ribbon, thermal transfer ribbons, thermal transfer ribbon, washable resin ribbon, wax and resin ribbon, wax ribbon
    china AEBO science technology co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of duplicator ink ,master and spare parts in china main land ,include RISO,RICOH,DUPLO and
    Telephone: 86-25-83618888 Address: huangma road,maqun zone,qixia district,nanjing,china
  • roll filters, panel filters, panset sf – panel filters, panset cb – cardboard panel filters, panset pl – washable panel filters, panset fc – fancoil filters, panset gf – disposable filters, bag filters, durabag – coarse bag filters, finebag g – fine bag filters, compact filters, rigipan p – compact panel filter, rigicell p – l type compact filters, rigibag g – w compact filters, mdf hepa filters, hepafil 78 – md, hepafil 150 – md, hepafil 292 – md, aluminum hepa filters, hepafil 69 – al, hepafil 78 – al, hepafil 150 – al, high capacity hepa filters, terminal hepa filters, activated carbon filters, other industrial filters, hepa filter boxes, filter housing frame
    Telephone: 90 212 Address: İSTANBUL, TURKEY
  • pp rugs, rugs with machine washable, acrylic bath mats, non-slip antibacterial properties, cotton bath mats
    pp rugs, rugs with machine washable, acrylic bath mats, non-slip antibacterial properties, cotton bath
    Telephone: (+90 212) 4824336 Address: Davutpaşa Cad. Cebealibey Sok. No:18 Topkapı İstanbul, Turkey
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