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  • composite wood decking, wood deck, wood decking, color wpc decking, composite decking wpc, composite wpc, composite wpc decking, decking hollow wpc, decking wpc, decking wpc decking, decking wpc flooring, decking wpc wood, deep embossing wpc, embossing wpc, embossing wpc decking, floor wpc, flooring wpc, flooring wpc decking, hollow wpc decking, outdoor wpc, outdoor wpc decking, plastic composite wpc, solid wpc, solid wpc decking, tiles wpc, wpc board, wpc composite, wpc composite decking, hotel carpets, mosque carpets, tile, woven saxony hotel carpets, woven axminster hotel carpets, polyamide hotel carpets, printed hotel carpets, hand tufted rugs, polyamide carpet tiles, polypropylene carpet tiles, mosque carpet, acrylic mosque carpet, polyamide mosque carpets, wool mosque carpets, grass carpet, lvt luxury vinly tile, pvc floorings, lineloum floorings, rubber files flooring, epoxy flooring, self levelling screed, raised flooring, raised floor conductive pvc panel, raised floor hpl panel, raised floor aluminum foil panel, raised floor galvanised steel panel
    Thank you for your interest in our products.. I would like to inform you about the production of our company. international quality our products are exported to 28 countries in
    Telephone: +90 216 550 10 16 pbx Address: Bağdat Cad., 157 / 4, Selamiçeşme 34724, Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cake moulds, coffee pots, coffee pot coloured, coffee pot patterned, cooking trays, pizza tray, cooking tray, couscous, couscous patterned, couscous coloured, deep frier, milk pots, milk pot coloured, milk pot with a glass lid, fry pans, crepe frypan, deep frypan lid, maxi frypan, fish frypan metal lid, frypan glass lid, wide frypan, omelette frypan, omelette frypan lid, prestij frypan gilass lid
    Since 1978, our company has been active in the kitchenware industry, the best in the market by strengthening its position in the sector had given many years of experience and
    Telephone: +90 212 659 34 94 Address: İstoç Ticaret Merkezi, 6. Ada, No: 2-4, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cooling systems, industrial cooling systems, industrial refrigerators, cool showcases, industrial coldrooms, cold storage, cold room, cold display cases, supermarket display cabinets, refrigerated display cases, display cases, wall display cabinets, display cabinets, butchery showcases, grocery showcases, dairy products showcases, cooling system, industrial cooling system, industrial refrigerator, cool showcase, industrial coldroom, cold storages, cold rooms, cold display case, supermarket display cabinet, refrigerated display case, display case, wall display cabinet, display cabinet, butchery showcase, grocery showcase, dairy products showcase, horizontal type coolers, coolers, freezers, showcases, deep-freezers, central cooling systems, cold storage houses, multideck cabinets, plug-in cabinets, vertical deepfreezers, island deepfreezers, horizontal type cooler, cooler, freezer, showcase, deep-freezer, central cooling system, cold storage house, multideck cabinet, plug-in cabinet, vertical deepfreezer, island deepfreezer
    Seckin Sogutma, with the knowledge and experience since 2003. serves to all customers starting from in place research, project and system design, choosing required equipment and
    Telephone: +90 216 561 60 75  Address: Eyüp Sultan Mah. Kızılay Cad. No:59/A Samandıra Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • ice cream machines, mixers, bakery ovens, ovens, microwave ovens, industrial kitchen equipments, espresso machines, blenders, filter coffee machines, coffee machines, convection ovens, conveyor ovens, deck ovens, stone ovens, brick ovens, cream dispensers, shock freezers, refrigerators, display cabinets, display units, ice machines, kitchen equipments, dispensers, jars, jar lids, soda dispensers, biscuit machines, cookie machines, pastry machines, pasta machines, coffee grinders, hot water dispensers, water dispensers, brewing machines, powder drink dispensers, ice machines, ice containers, dosing coffee grinders, high volume coffee grinders, deep fryers, pressure fryers, display cabinets, rational, carpigiani, merrychef, blendtec, kees van der westen, isi, marcato, grindmaster, ice o matic, mazzer, broaster, ifi
    Albatros Grup was established in 2015 and with its 20 years of experience in the field of supplying of kitchen equipments and materials, the company maintains its position in the
    Telephone: +90 212 659 31 67 Address: İstoç 46, Ada NO:17, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • sheet metal cap, steel pot, bathroom boiler, solar power systems, heating boiler, less deep metal cap, elliptical metal cap, flat metal cap, hemispherical metal cap, Taper metal cap, compensator metal cap, pressure metal cap, plastering metal cap, deep pull metal cap, pull metal cap, hydrocyclone metal cap, thin or thick walled metal cap, cylindrical metal cap, wholesale, solar water heating systems
    ALTUNAY KARDEŞLER; Solar Energy and Heating Systems Manufacturing and Wholesale Retail Sales. "Our company", acting with the principle of being a trustworthy institution, keeps
    Telephone: +90 551 9444699 Address: Meram Sanayi, Somaki Sokak No:27 Meram / KONYA
  • pan, saucepan, cake mold, tray, oven tray, deep pot, fry pan, grill, set, pot set, granit, ceramic, caserola
    About us We have been servicing in fireproof – nonstick kitchenware sector along with our high quantity production capacity as we combine our 30 years of experience with
    Telephone: +905392138385 Address: KAHRAMANMARAŞ, TURKEY
  • diesel engines, shantui bulldozer parts, deep sea controller, engine spare parts, excavator final drive, sdlg loader parts
    Jining Kunpeng Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, the existing staff of 36 people, is engaged in
    Telephone: 86-0537-2207787 Address: Room 2609,Baifeng building, Jining
  • cold weather storage, cold room doors, cold room panels, cold room bases, cold rooms, cooling devices, silent cabins, morg units, butcher cabinets, vertical type cabinets, meat chicken rayon, deep freezers, pastry cupboards, floury food pastry cabinet, cabinets, creamer, delicatessen, auxiliary kitchen materials, dishwashers, preparation equipment, cafeteria, industrial kitchen equipments, wardrobe, benches, stack shelves, carriages, appetizers
    Telephone: 90 362 Address: SAMSUN, TURKEY
  • deepfreeze, freezer, deep freeze
    Telephone: 2505475 Address: 506 SK. NO:24 HATAY / İZMİR
  • deep freeze, cool storage, fruit shell, fruit kernel, raw milk
    Telephone: 3123414210 Address: EMNİYET MH. Hipodrum CD. Toptancı Hal İşi NO:16 06163 YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • frozen food, deep-frozen food, quick-frozen food
    Telephone: (90)(262) 324 04 46 Address: KEMALPAŞA MAH.ANKARA CADDESİ FAZLIOĞLU İŞ MRK.NO:13 D:62 İZMİT
  • refrigerator, home appliance, air conditioning, televisions, deep freeze, washing machine, wash machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, built-in
    Telephone: 724 56 09-10  Address: AOSB 1.KISIM MAH. 4. CADDE NO:6 DÖŞEMEALTI/ANTALYA
  • pressed heads, deep drawn heads, conic heads, pressure vessels, CNC metal spinning products, kitchenware, lighting products
    Telephone: 4338271 Address: 615/1 SK. NO:15 ÇAMDİBİ / İZMİR
  • deep freeze, deep freezes, freezer, freezers, freezing compartment
  • coffee makers, kitchen appliances, electronic ovens, kettle, toasters, deep fryers, grills and barbeque, kitchen appliances, air contitioning, portable conditioners, oi, l filles radiators, convectors heaters, fan heaters, air treatment machines, dehumidifiers, air purifiers
    Telephone: (212) 346 11 80 Address: İstanbul
  • water dispensers, refrigerator, ice maker, deep freeze, fan, air conditioning, heaters, electric home appliances
    Telephone: (90)(216) 526 01 00 Address: YUKARI DUDULLU MAH.NATO YOLU CAD. NO.174/1B-2 ÜMRANİYE
  • electronic materials, electronic kitchen appliances, food preparation products, cooking utensils, cutlery sets, pot, professional kitchen utensils, thermos, storage container, lubricators, teapots, glass, plate, broom, iron, personal care appliances, washing machine, deep freeze, bakery
    Telephone: (212) 324 05 55 Address: İstanbul
  • deep-frozen food, quick-frozen food
  • white goods, oven, built in white goods, refrigerators, fridge, deep freezer
    Telephone: 90 312 Address: ANKARA, TURKEY
  • co2 incubator, deep freezers, ovens / incubators, dry air sterilizers / ovens, centrifuges, water baths, water distile devices, kit storage cabinets, blood storage cabinets, platelet incubators and shakers, laminer air cabins, microbiological safety cabinets, steam sterilizers / autoclaves, test cabins, climatic test cabinet, plant growing cabinet, ash ovens
    Telephone: (90)(312) 472 65 85 Address: A.OVECLER MAH. 7.CADDE NO:39/3 ÇANKAYA
  • foundation systems, bored pile, deep excavation support systems, diaphragm wall, slope stability systems, soil nail, ground improvement applications, stone column, drilling applications, grouting applications, consolidation, quality control tests, in-situ tests
    Telephone: (90)(212) 274 58 42 Address: ENDERUNLU ISMAIL HAKKI BEYS. N:1 BEŞİKTAŞ
  • deep-frozen, quick-frozen food, food, foodstuff
  • television, led tv, washing machine, freezer, deep-freezer, air conditioner, combi boiler, central heating boiler, white appliances, white goods
  • deep freeze, water dispensers, food processing machines, meat mincer, air curtains, jenerators, electric motors, barcode reader, surveillance systems, security systems
    Telephone: (90)(224) 272 10 00 Address: GAZCILAR CAD.NO:137/A
  • consumer durables, durable consumer goods, consumer durables goods, durable goods, consumer durables, deep freezers, refrigerators, wardrobe type refrigerators, deep freezer, washing machines, drying machines, drying washing machines, dishwashers, solo dishwashers, microwave ovens, hoods, aspirators, hot holding casket, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, air conditioners, irons, tea machine
    Telephone: 2278684-2618717 Address: EŞREFPAŞA CADDESİ NO:372 EŞREFPAŞA / İZMİR
  • frozen food, deep-frozen food, quick-frozen food, food, food products, nourishment
    Telephone: (545) 3490005 Address: ETİ MAH. TOROS SOK 15-2, ÇANKAYA, ANKARA
  • durable consumer goods, motorcycle, quad bike, air conditioning, air conditioner, deep freeze, dining room furniture, furniture
    Telephone: (90)(284) 714 45 37 Address: ÖNDER CAD. NO.3 KEŞAN
  • coffee machine, Industrial kitchen equipments, steam cleaners, aviation, deep freezers, television, lighting devices, electrical household appliances
  • washing machines, dishwashers, no-frost coolers, deep freezers, drying machines, quarries, extractors
    Telephone: 4408075-4483002 Address: ÖZMEN CADDESI NO:36-38/A BUCA / İZMİR
  • frozen food, deep-frozen food, quick-frozen food
    Telephone: (90)(322) 394 27 78 Address: HACI SABANCI ORGANİZE SAN.BÖL 29 SOK NO:2 YÜREĞİR
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