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  • onvehicle equipments, on vehicle equipments, on-vehicle equipments, ambulance, blood donor, mobile clinic, BTS, base station vehicles, fire truck, garbage truck, handicapped transport vehicle, horse transport vehicle, refrigerated truck bodies, funeral vehicle, armored money transport vehicle, mobile banking, promotional vehicle, platform vehicle, basket crane, VIP vehicles, minibus, box type ambulance, beverage distribution vehicle, chemical distribution vehicle, mobile maintenance vehicle
    Our company ARAS FRIGO was established in 2014 in Gebze with the experience of Mucahit Aras the founder. MUCAHIT ARAS who made hundreds of special vehicles for 25 years was the
    Telephone: +90 262 645 05 13 Address: Sultan Orhan Mah., Tem Gişeler Yanı Keresteciler SS., 2003 Sok., No: 10, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • cosmetics, daily care cosmetics, clinic cosmetics, beauty saloon cosmetics, dermarols, face dermarols, body dermarols, eye dermarols, pore scrubs, depigmentation care products, wrinkle care products, acne care products, anti-redness care products, detox care products, cellulite care products, anti-stretch care products, ampoules, dry skin care products, sensitive skin care products, blemished skin care products, oily skin care products, skin care products, local anesthesia creams, dermarol antis
    Founded in 2010 and proven success in the field of retail services, our company has started importing medical and cosmetic products by 2014. In this direction, it serves not
    Telephone: +90 212 709 84 55 Address: Marmara Forum AVM Sitesi, Garden Office Business Center, 3/3, Bakırköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Telephone: 0020953378880 Address: luxor tv street
  • health, dentist, dental, health care, dental tourism, dental travel
    Dental Clinic Turkey, was founded with the belief in the importance of accurate diagnosis, planning and treatment in oral and dental health. It provides services at 3 branches in
     Address: Guzeloba Mah. Barinaklar Cad.
  • dental, dental equipment, dental unit for child, child unit, dental unit, clinic cabinet, dental clinic cabinet, hospital cabinet, hospital furniture, clinic furniture, hospital cabinet systems, mobile clinic cabinet, dental cabinet, dental laboratory workbenches, dental technician workbenches, laboratory furniture, dental laboratory furniture, dentistry training systems, dentistry phantom simulation, dentistry training simulation, dentistry furniture, dentistry clinic furniture
    Telephone: 0905372319691 Address: ankara / Turkiye
  • hospital furniture, dental cabinet, clinic cabinet, medical equipment, workbench
    10 FX MEDICA ®Being founded in 2015, FX Medica ® has shown a rapid improvement in the business of hospital and Medical furniture,dental furniture and equipments and has become a
    Telephone: +903123945828 Address: Melih Gökçek Bulvarı Halk iş Merkezi No: 17/207 Ostim/Ankara-TURKEY
  • veterinary products, veterinary items, ear tags, animal ear tags, breeding animal ear tags, cattle ear tags, sheep ear tags, goat ear tags, camel ear tags, dog ear tags, cow ear tags, lamb ear tags, pig ear tags, bovine ear tags, small cattle ear tags, animal clinic products, animal identification systems, animal registration systems, animal health products, bovine tags, small cattle tags, polyurethane ear tags, polyurethane animal ear tags, plastic ear tags, tpu, rings, ear tags with metal tip
    We are proud to provide you with the best quality in animal identification systems. As the producer of the qualifed ear tags for all livestock species we provide lifetime guaranty
    Telephone: +90 232 782 74 00 Address: Gölcükler Mah. 9 Eylül Cad. No:8/1 Menderes - İzmir, Turkey
  • ambulances, mobile vehicles, ambulance equipments, stretchers, europa line ambulances, high line ambulances, box ambulances, new born ambulances, 4x4 offroad ambulances, mobile clinic vehicles, mobile hospital vehicles, mobile x-ray vehicles, mobile odio vehicles, mobile dental vehicles, mobile laboratory vehicles, mobile water test vehicles, ambulance stretchers, first aid stretchers, rescue stretchers, medical ambulance equipments, technic ambulance equipments, ambulance medical devices
    We are the expert to convert to any car into Ambulance;Emergency Ambulance (Type A1, A2) and Transport Ambulance (Type B), Intensive Care and Rescue Ambulance (Type C), Funeral
    Telephone: +90 224 211 10 24 Address: Fatih Mah. Mine Sok. No:42, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • medicines, medicals, vaccines, drugs, otc products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, injections, medical supplies, surgical supplies, healthcare practices, critical drug shortages, hospital back orders, pharmacy materials, advandced wound cares, clinic materials, ostomy products, urological products, creams, inhalation aerosols, betaserc, aldara, alvesco, brufen, climara, darob, gopten, gopten forte, migrex, suprax, arveles, medicine, medical, vaccine, drug, otc product, medical device
    PharmaTurca is an independent international pharmaceutical wholesaler company we are the largest exporter company which is registered by Ministry Of Health of Turkey in 2004. We
    Telephone: +90 212 438 43 30 Address: Oruç Reis Mah., Giyimkent Koop. 8. Sk. B Blok, No: 11, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey
  • propshaft, universal joint, centre bearing, precision joint, propshafts, universal joints, centre bearings, precision joints
    Telephone: 01274 305566 Address: propshaft clinic, unit 4, crown works, bradford, west yorkshire
  • ambulance, mobil clinic, crane, refrigerated truck, garbage, ford, ranger, everest, transit, custom
    What We Do RMA is a provider of products and services for clients operating in difficult markets and terrains. Where a country is in transition or the early stages of recovery,
    Telephone: (216) 394 93 56
  • lightweight, halls, hall, tent, tent city, lightweight halls, container, warehouse, weather resistant, all-in-one solution, public room, clinic, school, dining, fair, roofing, concert, exhibition, living space, camp, hangar, storage, logistics, cargo, agriculture, production, showroom, gym, sport, court, swimming, basketball, football, soccer, riding, stable, refrigerate, shelter, carport, barn
    We know that our customers always look for premium quality products. Whether it is your next business event, celebrations, city tents or professionell storage for your goods,
    Telephone: +436766681339 Address: Lindengasse 31-33/1/18, 1070 Wien, Austria
  • mobile hospital, prefabricated house, field hospital, mobile medical clinic, container, container house, medical clinic on tailer, military container, prefabricated structure, oil search camp, military camp, living container, refugee camp, explosive container, ammunition container, mobile x-ray trailer, light steel construction, light steel house, light steel hospital, generator container, kitchen container, mobile WC container, Mobile Shower Container, mobile laundry container, mobile dishwashing container, mobile hosp
    TNR Prefabrik is specialized in the planning, design, and execution of Deployable Field solutions and Mobile Field related turnkey projects throughout the globe with a special
    Telephone: +90 312 815 22 36 / MOB: +90 541 5627252 Address: Saray Mahallesi, Adnan Menderes Bulvarı No:36, Kahramankazan, Ankara, Turkey
  • furniture, furnitures, laboratory furniture, laboratory furnitures, laboratory equipment, clinical equipment, dental furniture, clinical furniture, laboratory cabinet, clinic cabinet, clinic cabinets, sink cabinet, cabinet with sink, cabinet without sink, clinic cabinet with bin, clinic cabinet with glass top, clinic cabinet with corian top, mobile cabinet, mobile cabinets, mobile clinic cabinet, mobile clinic cabinets, mobile cabinet with glass top, mobile cabinet with laminate top, operation t
    Being founded in 2012, Veradenta ® has shown a rapid improvement in the business of dental and clinical furniture and equipments and has become a leading and innovative company in
    Telephone: +90 312 395 83 72 Address: IVEDIK ORG.SAN. OZPETEK SAN.SITESI, 1378.SK. NO: 16, OSTIM, ANKARA, TURKEY
  • injector, fix, fuze, dog, cage, dog cage, ear, tag, ear tag, animal, animals, dog, dogs, cats, cat, vet, doctor, clinic, treatment, examine, dog, collar, narcotic, catcher
    Our company is supplier and exporter of injector, fix, fuze, dog, cage, dog cage, ear, tag, ear tag, animal, animals, dog, dogs, cats, cat, vet, doctor, clinic, treatment,
    Telephone: +90 542 559 33 90 Address: mücahitler mah. 56 nolu sok Gaziantep/TURKEY
  • poultry group products, vitamins and minerals, antiparasitics, antibacterials, vet clinic's group products, vitamins and minerals, antiparasitics, antibacterials, aquatic group products, otc products, poultry group products, for ruminants, aquatic group products, pet products
    Telephone: (90)(322) 235 28 98 Address: MAHFESIĞMAZ MAH.T.ÖZAL BULV.NO:5 TEKİN 1 APT. KAT.5 DAİRE 5 ÇUKUROVA
  • hospital information management systems (his), health associations information management system, laboratory information management systems (lis), human resources information system, dental clinic information system management (dis), municipality information management systems
    Telephone: +90 312 293 83 00 Address: Bağlıca Mah., Hilal Cad., No: 31, Akgün Plaza, Etimesgut, Ankara, Turkey
  • medical products, medical equipments, blood test analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, fully automatic biochemistry analyzer, semi-auto chemistry analyzer, microplate washer, clinic chemistry analyzer, photometer device, sperm analysis system, andrology working station, hematology equipments, hematology analyzers, patology equipments
    Our company was estabilished in Ankara in 1992 with setting it’s sights on conducting the Sales and Marketting activities of Medical Laboratory Instruments and Consumables.Our
    Telephone: +90 312 211 23 33 Address: Gazi Mahallesi Şenol Cad. No:112 Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • patient registration module, outpatient clinic module, inpatient patient system, appointment module (local and mhrs), nursing module, hospital software, hospital service, software, program, programming
    Telephone: 3124366510 Address: MUSTAFA KEMAL MAH. 2141. SOKAK ARISOY APT. NO:17/10 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA
  • ambulance, mobile clinic, stretchers, medical devices, dental health vehicle, mobile labotatory, surgery trailer, cpr device, vacuum aspirator, syringe pump, oxygen system, infusion pump, emergency kits, basic medical material cases, emergency birth set
    Telephone: (90)(326) 225 36 20 Address: HARAPARASI MAH.ETHEM YAHYA İŞH F/BLOK NO:16 KAT:2 ANTAKYA
  • social marketing, clinic networks, commercial partners, dkt womancare, social entrepreneurship, family planning, safe abortion, media
  • analysis kit, analyser, vitamin analyser, clinic analyser
    Telephone: 4442409 Address: Gürsel Mh. Eski Beşiktaş Cd. No: 44/4 Kağıthane
  • acrylic hoods, cabinet handles, chairs, clinic systems, clinic wall cabinets, furniture accessories, hopsital furniture, hospital cabinets, hospital equipments, hospital furniture, laboratory cabinets, table legs, wall mounted cabinets, washbasin, wooden cabinets, wooden furniture
    Our company was founded in 1978 by General Manager Mehmet KARA. Er Metal the leader Dental Furniture company in Türkiye, always in search of new technologies and innovations
    Telephone: +90 312 348 64 06 - 08 Address: Cankiri Bulvari, 8. km., No: 302, Akyurt, Ankara, Turkey
  • medical equipments, medical products, medical materials, hemodialysis, myeloma kidney therapy, catheters, acute care equipments, hemofilter sets, hospital water systems, dialysis clinic, uf therapy, short term catheters, long term catheters
    It all started with one of the world’s first artificial kidneys invented by Professor Nils Alwall. In 1961, industrialist Holger Crafoord met Professor Alwall at a social event
    Telephone: +90 312 440 33 32 Address: Turan Gunes Bulvari Tekno Plaza No: 17/12 Tr-06550 Cankaya Ankara, Turkey
  • automation systems, immunoassay systems, clinic chemistry systems, coagulation systems, nephelometer systems, hematology systems, blood gas systems, urine systems
  • outpatient clinic, polyclinic, private polyclinic
    Telephone: 90 Address: Gölbucağı Mah. Gazhane Cad. Arı Sitesi A Blok No: 28/1-3 Merkez / BARTIN
  • animal health, veterinary, animal health clinic
  • clinic, clinical
    Telephone: 2126799226 Address: RAUF DENKTAŞ SK.NO:16, İSTANBUL
  • analytical equipment group, lab solutions and chemicals group, clinical and life sciences group, jasem clinic, food safety kits
    Telephone: 90 216 5710200 Address: BARBAROS MAH. TEMMUZ SOK. NO:6, ATAŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • clinic expenditure products, laboratory materials, endodontics products, clinic equipment, clinic expenditure product, laboratory material, endodontics product, clinic equipments
    Telephone: (90)(212) 521 33 27 Address: ORDEKKASAP MAH. KARAKOYUNLU SOK.SAFAK APT. NO:1 FATİH
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