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  • filters, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, pollen filters, cartridge filters, spin-on oil filters, oil filter elements, spin-on fuel filters, metal cover air filters, radial type air filters, panel type air filters, circle type air filters, suction line filters, pressure line filters, return line filters, panel filters, activated carbon cartridge filters, truck filters, earthmoving machine filters, automotive filters, auto filters, industrial filters, tractor filters
    Our company started to operate in Iskenderun under the name of Delsa Filter in 2005. The company set up a substructure to produce oil, fuel, air, hydraulic filters mainly for
    Telephone: +90 546 482 88 66 Address: Organize San. Bol., Atatürk Caddesi, No: 1, Toprakkale, Osmaniye, Turkey
  • furniture materials, cabinet doors, kitchen cabinet doors, pvc membrane doors, membrane doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, doors, interior doors, wooden doors, seperators, panel doors, wood doors, wood solid covers, panels for cases, door slabs, cases, reveals, wood seperators, circle laths, pyramids, okal plaques, packing materials, kitchen sub modules, bathroom modules, tv set modules, cloakroom modules, wooden panel doors, door frames, door cases, door jambs, ready panel doors, cabinet door
    Starting to produce in a small workshop in Izmir in 1983, Göktaş formed its brand by stepping into the construction sector with the success achieved from the principle of quality
    Telephone: +90 533 407 93 80 Address: 5837 Sk. No: 3-5, Karabağlar, İzmir, Turkey
  • glass, glasses, Thiokol, silicon, butyl, hotmelt, clip, connectors, fasteners, norton band, glass transport corner plugs, grille circle gasket, butyl tape, silicon, butyl, hot melt, polyurethane, butyl tape, norton band, corney keys, polysulfide, glass, molecular sieve, bendable corner keys, gas filling corner keys, plugs, butyl paper, intermediate bars, Isıcam profile, glass-bound, glass fungus, plastic corner clss, plastic straight connection, façade profile, corner clips, culvert, distance ba
    ADEL ; Founded in Istanbul-Turkey (2007) , ADEL produce and sale insulating glass and glass processing materials and chemical. ADEL ; with the young and dynamic staffc who are
    Telephone: +90 262 502 12 94 Address: İmes OSB. 18. Cadde, B3 Blok, 21/1, Dilova, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • irons, equal angles, angles, upn channels, ipn profiles, ipe profiles, upn profiles, flat bars, bars, square bars, t bars, circle bars, ipn beams, ipe beams, beams, unequal flanges, flanges, squares, iron, equal angle, angle, upn channel, ipn profile, ipe profile, upn profile, flat bar, bar, square bar, t bar, circle bar, ipn beam, ipe beam, beam, unequal flange, flange, square
    AKIN HADDECILIK, based in Denizli/TURKIYE, is one of the leading mills of the country specializing in producing Hot-Rolled Fine and Middle Section Merchant Bars. Founded in
    Telephone: +90 258 371 31 85 Address: Akçeşme Mahallesi, 2600 Sokak, No: 5, Gümüşler, Denizli, Turkey
  • Sabre Saw Blades, Saw All Blades, Saw Bit, Saw Blade Guide, Saw Blade Machine, Saw Blade Material, Saw Blade Teeth, Saw Blades, Saw Circular, Saw Company, Saw Saw Blades, Saw Saw Tool, Saw Tool, Scroll Saw, Air Saw Blades, Circle Saw Blades, Circular Saw, Circular Saw Accessories, Circular Saw Arbor, Circular Saw Attachments, Circular Saw Bit, Circular Saw Brands, Circular Saw For Woodworking, Circular Saw Guide, Circular Saw Jig
    Telephone: 90 312 397 39 00  Address: M. Emin Erdoğan İş Merkezi Bağdat Cad. No: 93 Z-9 GİMAT Yenimahalle / Ankara / TURKEY
  • strapping machines, strapping machine, steel packing ring, steel packing rings, circle hoop, circle hoops, steel strapping machines, steel strapping machine, pneumatic steel strapping machines, pneumatic steel strapping machine, manual steel strapping machine, manual steel strapping machines, plastic strapping machines, plastic strapping machine, table type strapping machine, table type strapping machines, steel hoop, steel hoops, hoop materials, hoop material, circle accessories, corner protect
    -Baysal Metal Packaging Ltd.has started its commercial activity in 1998 as a trading company. Utilizing the opportunities in the market,has invested in manufacturing of steel
    Telephone: +90 216 595 40 20 Address: Ramazanoğlu Mahallesi, Ensar Caddesi, Erdede Sanayi Sitesi, No:28/5, Pendik, İstanbul,Turkey
  • barrel hair, barrels, barrels of metal circles, circle cover barrel, ibc, plastic barrels, tapered barrel
    Telephone: 0262 658 17 10 Address: Marmara Geri Dönüşümcüler Sitesi 241 Ada 13 Parsel Şekerpınar / Gebze / Kocaeli, Turkey
  • bus door, bus door system, bus door mechanism, bus door opening mechanism, inswing bus door, outswing bus door, pneumatic bus door, electrical bus door, electric bus door, floating bus door, slide glide bus door, sliding plug bus door, bus door opener, bus door closer, bus door actuator, bus door operator, bus door motor, bus door engine, bus door drives, automatic bus door, jack knife bus door, folding bus door, bifold bus door, bi-fold bus door, bus door cylinder
    Our company is the professional automatic bus door systems manufacturer in China,our main product are automatic bus door systems and mechanisms,bus Luggage compartment door
    Telephone: 0086 13770850076 Address: jiangsu,china
  • stainless steel, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 410, stainless steel 430, stainless steel coil, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel circle, stainless steel strip
    - Goli Stainless Steel International Company.,Limited.Is specialized in the export of stainless steel raw materials and semi-finished products company.Annual turnover near 60
    Telephone: 86 15815967228 Address: No.26-27 1st floor.9th building.International metal center. Chancheng Dist.Foshan city.Guangdong.China
  • stainless steel coil, stainless steel circle, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel sink
    Our company KARL STEEL is one of the leading stainless steel material suppliers in mainland China with professional cold rolled techniques and modern technology management to
    Telephone: 86-13929922526 Address: Room 2914,No.2 District,2nd Building,Polly Cullinan, No.11 Lv Jing 2nd Road,Chan Cheng Foshan Guangdong,China
  • baseboard, box profile, carbody profile, cold room accessories, cold room corner profile, extrusion profiles, fan circle and cover, hygienic profile, industrial refrigeration, injection part, pool cabinet profile, shelf labelstock, store label
    It has been continuing to realize new projects since its incorporation with its new molds produced every day as market equipment, shower cabin, glass balcony, construction,
    Telephone: 02165619397 Address: Tepeören Mah İTOSB 4.Cad. No 7 Kat B2 Tuzla İstanbul
  • aluminium flat tray, aluminium tray, aluminium circle, aluminium sheet, aluminium cookware, nonstick cookware
    Telephone: +905323376770 Address: ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 1. CADDE NO:6/A ONİKİŞUBAT
  • Strapping Machines, Cordless And Pneumatic Strapping Machines, Hand Strapping Machines, Fully Automatic Strapping Machines, Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines, Strapping Supplies, Composite Fiber Ring, Plastic Strap, Polyester Circles, Curl Wire Buckle, Phosphate Coated Wire Buckle, Metal Buckle, Plastic Buckle, Plastic Strap, Polyester Circle Car, Circle Composite Fiber Car, Fiber Composite Circles
    Telephone: 0212 501 39 50  Address: Kışla Caddesi Emintaş 3 Sanayi Sitesi No: 24 Topçular, İstanbul / Turkey
  • 303 stainless steel rod dealers, 304 stainless steel circle dealers, 304 stainless steel circle distributors, 304 stainless steel circle exporters, 304 stainless steel circle importers, 304 stainless steel circle manufacturers
    Telephone: +91 9820061193
  • handrail, handrails, basket, hot forged accessory, leave, rosette, panel, circle, hot forged spear head, collar, profile lid, cast iron model, gate accessory, patina paint, cast iron part, small panel, panel, panels, windows accessory, garden element, handrail accessories, handrail accessory, baskets, leaves, rosettes, panels, circles, hot forged spear heads, collars, profile lids, cast iron models, gate accessories, patine paints, cast iron parts, small panels, windows accessories, wrought iron
    We are leading producer of wrought and ornamental irons in Turkey. We produce accessories/ elements which are used at doors, windows, stair cases, balcony and wall. Some of our
    Telephone: +90 224 493 26 26 ext. 154-129 Address: Kayapa Sanayi Bulvarı No: 23, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • alumiminium sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium circle, aluminium disc
    Telephone: +86 15901229427
  • cookware production line, cookware turn-key project, cookware polishing machine, utensils turn-key project, utensils production line, cookware coating line, circle blanking line, washing line, fiber laser cutting line, hydraulic press machine, brazing machine, sanding machine
    Who we are?  Sun Glory Industry International Limited as exporting house, established in 16, Sep. 2011. Our factories have at least 10years till 50years experience in metal
    Telephone: +86 136 3229 2583 Address: RM 1004, Peace World Plaza, No. 362-366, Huanshi Dong Rd., Yuexiu District 510060, Guangzhou, China
  • fibrous ring, polyester strap, buckle curls, hoop buckles, black circle, white circle, the composite hoop, hoop fiber, packaging machines, table type circle machines, printing machines circle
    Telephone: 03123952141 Address: Altınarı San. Sit. 661 Sok. 3 İvedik Org San.Böl Ankara / Yenimahalle / Ankara,, Turkey
  • compressor ignition engines, conveyors, grain milling machinery, hoses with fittngs, iron bolts, iron screws, nonalloyed materials, other circle tubeS, other circle tube, other machine parts, steel bolts, steel screws, textile belts, vulcanised rubber tubes
    T.S.H. operates in the hygiene market since 2002. Our company carries on the business in Turkey, as the commercial agency of 11 different suppliers of hygiene products from all
    Telephone: 02124381770 Address: Turgut Reis Mah. Tekstilkent Ticaret Merkezi A 25 No: 46 Esenler / İstanbul
  • equal angles, UPN channels, IPN - IPE profiles, flat bars, square bars, t bars, circle bars
    Telephone: 90(258)371 31 85 Address: AKÇEŞME MAHALLESİ 2600 SOKAK NO:5, MERKEZEFENDİ, DENIZLI
  • circle saw, bandsaw, metal processing products
    Telephone: ( 90 216) 527 93 64 Address: Des San. Sitesi 1. Cd. C 07 Blok N:2 Yukarı Dudullu / İSTANBUL- turkey
  • wood cutting bandsaws, bi-metal band saw blades, cutting saws meat and fish, circular saws, steel tapes, stellite end, packing circles, circle buckle, sharpening stones and correction
    Telephone: 90 212 6252474 Address: SEYRANTEPE MAH.CİDAR SOK. NO:5/A-1, KAĞITHANE, İSTANBUL
  • foldable plywood packaging group, pallet, plastic extra strong cases, carton boxes, metal boxes, raw materials, humidity absorbents desicaut packets, packing accessory products, impact indicators, internal protective units, external protective units, circle, polyester circle, wood pallet, recyclable transfer pallet, big bag, shrink gun
  • circle group, circle transportation vehicles, manual circle machines, automatic circle machines, pallet stretch film, pallet stretch film apparatus and machines, pallet stretch film apparatus, pallet stretch film machines
    Telephone: 90 (352) 333-00-03 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Melikgazi / KAYSERİ / TURKEY
  • package, pakcing, stretch film production, stretch film types, colored bands, plastic circle, types of angles, package types, parcel tapes, airbag, ballooned nylon
    Telephone: 4363175 Address: EGEMENLİK MAHALLESİ 6119 SOKAK NO:11/D BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • glass processing machines, hot glass processing machines, glafix glass installation systems, oven products, viscor cutting wheels, glass cutters, glass breaking pliers, nikken cutters, cutting bars with suction, squares, straight cutting tools, lifting and carrying tools, montage and bonding tools, circle and shape cutting tools, drilling tools, diamond tools, miscellaneous tools, glass processing machines, glass blowing tools, enamel furnace and tools, flame and lampworking tools, glass furnaces, coloured glass, uv bonding elements
    Telephone: (90)(312) 311 10 28 Address: IŞIKLAR CAD.NO:18/2
  • industry bin covers, shower cabin equimpment, otomat products, plastic mold, tin plate circle, circle lock, carriage handle, bearing
    Telephone: (90)(232) 254 99 96 Address: 719/5 SOK.NO:10 BUCA
  • wine vinegar, apple circle, gourmet circles, lemon sauce, pomegranate sauces, sour sauce, bitter sauce, sauces, pickles, pickles and canned food, sauces, fruit syrups, turnip juice
    Telephone: 6594259 Address: İstoç E1 Blok Öksüzoğulları Plaza No:6/92 Kat:9 İkitelli
  • medical products, medical equipments, medical supplies, medical devices, medical consumables, medical disposables, intensive care products, respiratory products, respiratory equipments, intensive care equipments, anesthesia masks, oxygen masks, tracheostomy mask, inhalation therapy circle, nasal cpap sets, catheters, liquid filters
    Company aims to offer always new designed products for respiratory and intensive care units with 20 years experience. Aiming to be one of leading establishments, company adopts
    Telephone: +90 312 397 70 92 Address: Atb İş Merkezi No:95 Macunköy / Ankara, Turkey
  • polypropylene strip, polyester circle, steel strip, textile fiber strip, composite fiber strip, manual - semi and fully automatic machinery, mechanical drilling apparatus, battery circulation machine, steel strip machine, air triping machine, semi automatic strapping machine, automatic strapping machine, air stitch and nail balls, pin border nail, t-pin head nail, pin unsigned nail, nutrition variables and machinery, t-nut, nut loading and rolling machine, c-ring, flooring bag, c-ring base, hog rings, floor bag, bag mounting and closing clips, bag mounting clips, bag clutch clips, circle accessories, cobbe carrier, plastic corner protector
    Telephone: (90)(212) 659 46 50 Address: İSTOÇ TOPTANCILAR ÇARŞISI 27.ADA NO:62 BAĞCILAR
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