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  • foodstuff, food products, food product, food, chicken meat, turkey meat, ham, sausage, sausages, burger, doner, turkey doner, shawarma, chicken shawarma, turkey shawarma, fast food, fast foods, convenience food, convenience foods, salami, döner kebab, frozen food, frozen foods, paneed food, paneed foods
    History Our firm, which had begun with production of chicken meat at İstanbul Karagumruk in 1982, now continue production at their own production plant at a total area of 16.000
    Telephone: +90 222 338 15 66 Address: Muttalip Emirler Mh. 24. Sk. No:21, Tepebaşı, Eskişehir, Turkey
  • beef burger, beef franks, beef soudjouk, chicken burger, chicken franks, chicken soudjouk, cordonblue, frankfurter sausage, halal beef bacon, halal beef luncheon, halal chicken luncheon, mini salami, mortadella, nugget, pastrami, sausage, schinitzel, smoked breast, turkey salami
    Founded in 1976 a family business, ALTINKAYA is one of the leading companies of its sector, producing meat products from calves, cattle, chickens and turkeys without any
    Telephone: +90 216 378 79 45 Address: Ramazanoğlu Mah. San. Cad. No: 16, Kurtköy, Pendik, İstanbul, Turkey
  • food products, meats, meat, doner, ready made doner, ready-made doner, meat supplier, doner producer, turkish kebab, traditional doner, beef doner, chicken doner, precooked doner, meatballs, soup, soups, salad, salads, beverage, beverages, drink, drinks, dessert, shish, kebab, iskender, special, veal, beef, cooked doner, frozen, franchise, restaurant, exporter, fastfood, hamburger meat, burger, meatball, doner kebab, yoghurt, cheese, sujuk, turkish doner, export, turkish, producer, manufacturer, wholesale, food, frozen food
    As Bereket Doner, we are the biggest ready made Doner (Shawarma) producer company in Turkey. We daily produce 50 tones beef and chicken doner with more than 300 qualified
    Telephone: +90 212 771 55 55 Address: Hadımköy Mahallesi, Ürgüplü Caddesi, No:11, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • bagels, bagel, bagelwich, bagelwichs, bagel plates, pastries, cookie, cookies, buns, bun, pies, pie, savory buns, savory bun, burger, burgers, pizzas, pastas, red meat, soups, soup, white meat, dessert, waffle, waffles, mosaic cake, mosaic cakes, beverages, hot beverages, cold beverages, egg, eggs, toasts, toast, salad, salads, pancakes, pancake, wraps, wrap, chicken salad, chicken salads, cheese pancake, cheese pancakes, potato pancake, potato pancakes, tuna fish wrap, tuna fish wraps
    We come from the place where the bagel seller and bagel lovers come. In this day and time when the tendency of presenting traditional food products to the customers in modern,
    Telephone: +90 312 257 47 00 Address: Ankara 1. OSB, Göktürk Cd. No:2, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • packing, packaging, t-shirt bag, t-shirt bags, shopping bag, shopping bags, handle shopping bag, handle shopping bags, patch handle bag, patch handle bags, piece box bag, piece box bags, die cut bag, die cut bags, handle block plastic bag, handle block plastic bags, plastic bag, plastic bags, plastic sheet, ldpe bag, ldpe bags, pe bag, pe bags, sandwich bag, sandwich bags, burger bag, burger bags, bread bag, bread bags, hdpe block bag, hdpe block bags, hdpe bag, hdpe bags, safe bag, safe bags
    Meet Cagri Packaging Company Cagri is active in Packaging Business since 1998. We produce HDPE and LDPE goods in Turkey. Product range includes shopping bags, patch handle
    Telephone: +90 555 678 12 24 Address: Kavaklı Mah. Araptepe San. Bölgesi Işık Sok. Silivri / İSTANBUl- TURKEY
  • corrugated, fiberboard, paperboard, box, paper, paperbox, fiberbox, fbb, folding box board, ccnb, coated recycled board, clay coated news backboard, sbb, solid bleached board, sbs, solid bleached sulphate board, bleached kraft, kraft, kraft paper, sub, solid unbleached board, sus, natural kraft, cuk, coated unbleached kraft, corrugated fiberboard, pizza box, burger box, clam shell, bevarage box, paper cup, chicken box, fast food box, kebab box
    Dizaynpak is one of the first printers in Turkey to use offset technology and has remained at the forefront of implementing new innovations by strictly following a policy to
    Telephone: (535) 205-4839 Address: Gökevler Mah. 2312 Sok. Ginza Corner Plaza Kat:12 D:143 Esenyurt İstanbul
  • food contact paper, greaseproof paper, glassine paper, kraft paper, burger wrapping paper, sandwich wrapping paper
    Food contact paper expert. Glassine paper, greaseproof paper, waxed paper, burger wrapping paper, PE coated paper, Kraft paper, release paper, silicone coated paper, baking
    Telephone: +86 15622305527 Address: No.269 Middle GongYe Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China
  • meat products, red meat products, pastrami, soujouk, salami, sausage, jambon, smoked meats, roasting, coil soujouk, cocktail soujouk, chicken soujouk, chicken salami, packed meat, meat doner, meatball, beef burger, burger, veal cube, beef saute, inegol meatball, tekirdag meatball, beef rib eye, grilled meat ball, horeca products, horeca salami, horeca jambon, horeca sausage, horeca chicken jambon, horeca chicken salami, chicken sliced salami, horeca soujouk, frozen doner, frozen baked doner, frozen beef lamb burger, frozen burger, frozen meatball, frozen inegol meatball, frozen tekirdag meatball, frozen grilled meatball, frozen muscatel meatball, frozen adana meatball, fresh meat, beef, lamb, beef long rump, beef short rump, beef middle boned short rump, beef boneless short rump, beef tranche, beef egg, beef sacrum, beef steak fillet, beef flank, beef dewlap, beef chuck, beef breast for minced meat, beef boneless set, beef entrecote, beef t-bone steak, beef chopped steak, beef shank
    Irresistible taste… Namet, the leader meat producer of Turkey continues to make Namet Genuine Tastes with its consumers from generation to generation for 4
    Telephone: +90 549 761 76 12 Address: Akse Mh. Fevzi Çakmak Cd. No:132, Çayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • paper straw, paper baking cases, paper food wraps, paper sandwich box, paper burger box, paper plates, paper cups
    SA International is in the business of manufacturing and exporting from India various Paper Disposable & Packaging
    Telephone: +919998482265 Address: Bandipura
  • feta cheese, hellim burger, imported cheese, local cheese, mozzarella cheese, white cheese
    Telephone: 90 216 5776365 Address: İÇERENKÖY MAH. NADİR SOK. NO 6A 1-2, ATAŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • restaurant services, snack, taco, salads, sandwich, burger, pizza, pastry dishes, dessert, drinks, meatball, meat foods
    Telephone: (212) 352 75 47 Address: İstanbul
  • cheese, white cheese, halloumi cheese, light halloumi cheese, halloumi burger, traditional cheese, milk products, akkawi cheese, kashkaval cheese
    Telephone: (90)(256) 439 11 10 Address: MERKEZ MAH. NO: 28 BAŞALAN KÖYÜ BOZDOĞAN / AYDIN BOZDOĞAN
  • burger doner
    Telephone: 00905376006844 Address: ıstanbul
  • pizza, breakfast, pasta, salad, burger, food, foods
  • veal, lamb meat, kangal sujuk, stick sujuk, meatball, burger
    Telephone: 4338323 Address: 4289 SOKAK NO:2/2 ALTINDAĞ / İZMİR
  • kitchen equipments, industrial kitchen equipments, fryers, pressure fryers, hot displays, breading tables, fast food equipments, french fries warmers, plate grills, open fryers, chimps dumpers, pizza ovens, waffle machines, breading table units, marination sauces, breading flour, breading spices, dip sauces, flour mixtures, meatball mixtures, burger mixtures, fried chicken marination sauces, fried chicken breading flour, marinated breading flour, hot butter, sweet butter, spicy butter, lemon pep
    Our company, which entered the market as a restaurant in Leicester UK in 1996, has continued its activities by opening 17 different new branches in centres like Northampton,
    Telephone: +90 232 207 21 51 Address: Adatepe Mahallesi Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Caddesi No:20 B/C BEGOS 2.Bölge Buca/İZMİR, TÜRKİYE
  • bucket booms, crusher brackets, crusher bucket, dozer ripper, excavator ripper, excavator buckets, forklift attachment, forks, greyder attacment, industrial road broom attachment, loader buckets, mulchers, quick coupler, feed forward attachment, snow shovel attachment, burger attachment, sapling dismantling, planting attachment
    Telephone: 3394898 Address: 1427 SOKAK NO:11 DOĞANLAR BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • bread, bakery products, crumpet, burger buns, rolls
    Telephone: 90 216 4204060 Address: MEVLANA MAH. SİNEM SK. NO.4, ATAŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • baked potatoes, pizza, pizza verdura, cheese pizza, fajitas, burger, cheeseburger, chicken schnitzel, grilled chicken, sandwich, food
    Telephone: (312) 472 64 46 Address: Ankara
  • soujouk, pastrami, roast beef, salami, sausage, smoked cattle tongue, burger, mantı, turkish ravioli
    Telephone: 0 352 351 00 10 Address: ORUÇ REİS MAH. KARPUZATAN CAD.NO:89-91, KAYSERİ
  • wheat flour for bread, all purpose wheat flour, flour, wheat flour, whole wheat flour, corn flour, maize meal, soy flour, soy flour enzyme active, whole rye flour, rye bread flour, pre - cooked products, wheat-soya blend, corn-soya blend, full-fat soya, wheat soya blend, corn soya blend, full fat soya, pizza flour, roll bread flour, burger bread flour, sesame ring flour, pasta flour
    we manufacture and supply wheat flour for bread, all purpose wheat flour, flour, wheat flour, whole wheat flour, corn flour, maize meal, soy flour, soy flour enzyme active, whole
  • reşat baklava pastry, necklaces for yufka, koz pitta flour, koz bagel flour, dormitory 2 tandoori, koz bread flour, five diversity, koz lavash pita, koz burger flour, koz machine lavash, koz lahmacun pita, green emerald luxury baklava, wheat middlings, dy bagel bazlama
    Telephone: 90312 3971770 Address: RİZE GROSS MARKET MACUN MAH. 187. CAD(ESKİ 9.CAD.). NO:127/B1, Ankara, Yenimahalle, Turkey
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